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Proudly reducing Hamilton's environmental footprint

Waste minimisation is a vital component of environmental sustainability.  At Essential Recycling, we have refined our business model over the past 30 years to create a recovery system that enables us to reduce waste in a way that is economically sustainable, ensuring maximisation of waste diversion volumes and consistency and longevity of results.

As operators of the Hamilton Refuse Transfer Station, Essential Recycling is a full-service waste minimisation company, recovering and recycling all major commodities: cardboard, paper, plastics, timber, steel and other metals; as well as an extensive range of household goods, building materials and outdoor products.

With three decades of experience behind us, we have developed and refined our operation in line with industry best practice – bringing valuable social and environmental benefits.   Each year we save thousands of tonnes of refuse from being sent to landfill, create employment opportunities for Waikato residents and engage with the community in a positive way. 

A values driven organisation, Essential Recycling is guided by its commitment to continuous improvement.  Commodity market volatility has shifted our focus to consistently improve systems and product recovery.  The significant growth of our onsite reuse shop ensures goods stay within our community, rather than going to landfill.   

It is our ability as a private entity to drive innovation and efficiency in a high-volume processing environment, combined with our family-led values of community engagement, that enable us to process both commodities/items of high value along with those of marginal value in an economically sustainable way.  This is what makes us unique - and is a model highly regarded by industry.

These efforts were formally recognised at the Waikato Business Excellence Awards in 2015, where Essential Recycling was named Professional Services business of the year along with the coveted Supreme business of the year title. 

We are encouraged to see a strong drive locally to minimise waste such as the Hamilton City Council’s newly launched ‘Fight the Landfill’ campaign, which aims to encourage us all to think about how we dispose of recyclable items such as plastic milk bottles and egg cartons.  The recently-launched Soft Plastics recycling initiative is another example of the city-wide drive to reduce our environmental footprint and become a national leader in Waste Minimisation.  We encourage you yo use our recycling drop-off facility located at the entry of the Hamilton Transfer Station before disposing of waste.  Our helpful team will ensure we recover as much as possible to reduce waste going to landfill.




Hamilton Refuse Transfer Station
60 Lincoln Street, Frankton

(07) 848 2176




We have a substantial commodities recycling operation onsite which includes: steel and other metals, timber, plastics (type 1 & 2), paper, cardboard and glass.  For more information about what items we recycle and how these can be recycled onsite, please visit the services page.


Recovery and Reuse

All recoverable items from both the customer recycling drop-off and the waste stream are retrieved, processed, priced and placed in our onsite reuse shop.  Open 7 days a week, the reuse shop is a haven for bargain hunters, environmentally conscious shoppers, antique dealers, interior designers and those who are mad about upcycling!  See the services page for more information.

Waste Disposal

The Hamilton Refuse Transfer Station is he city-wide hub for waste collection, recovery and disposal.  Open 7 days a week, the transfer station processes both commercial and residential waste.  For a detailed description of what we accept and process onsite, please visit the services page.  Gate rates and opening hours can be found on the Hamilton City Council’s website.


By encouraging reuse, goods stay within our community


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